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Energy Education Star Award



Energy Star Award 2009

Energy Star Award 2009

Department Honors Local Company

Wichita Falls Times Record News


Energy Education, a company that got its start in Wichita Falls, was recently presented with the Energy Star partner of the year award by the United States Department of Energy.

The company was founded by Bill Spears, a former WFISD school board member who first became interested in energy efficiency in the 1980s.

“He has been in business in Wichita Falls for a number of years. Dr. Spears had always had an interest in energy efficiency,” said Jan Noel-Smith, director of Public Relations of Energy Education in Wichita Falls.

Through his years on the school board, Spears helped design a utility-savings program that helped the district decrease utility costs without sacrificing classroom comfort and without buying more expensive utility equipment, Noel-Smith said.

Today, Energy Education has offices in Dallas and Wichita Falls and serves school districts, religious organizations and others nationwide.

The Energy Star Partner of the Year award recognizes organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Energy Education trains their clients to implement changes in their organization that substantially reduce energy consumption without the purchase of new equipment. The program is solely funded by the savings it generates.

In 2008, 84 percent of the public education school buildings that achieved Energy Star labels across the United States were Energy Education clients, said Noel-Smith.

“This recognition is shared with our clients, who learned from us and took the training on and encouraged their people to follow the program,” Noel-Smith said.