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New York Schools Compete for Energy Award

Category: Energy Awards – Tags: , – April 8, 20114:53 pm

A long-standing rivalry between two schools in Newburgh, New York is being put to the test. Temple Hill School and Meadow Hill Global Explorations are competing to see which school can use less energy. The contest is part of the district’s conservation challenge, a program done with Energy Education.

Students and faculty are turning off lights, unplugging computers and being quick to shut freezer and refrigerator doors. Meadow Hill has decided to keep the cafeteria dark in the off hours, and both schools are searching for innovative ways to cut back. Energy Education worked closely with the district on messaging and internal communications, and is receiving terrific feedback. Pitting the schools against each other in a friendly contest was an ideal way to spark enthusiasm and awareness of the energy program.

The competition runs through the end of the month, and the school that saves the most energy will take home a trophy and be awarded with an all-you-can-eat feast.