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Energy Education Inc.’s Successful Partnership with Londonderry Schools

Londonderry School District entered a partnership with Energy Education Inc. in the beginning of the year 2011 and has since recorded large energy savings leading them to winning the Lighthouse Award in 2008 in recognition of its conservation efforts. The Texas-based national organization, Energy Education, is dedicated to helping large organizations, including school districts, chart people-driven and comprehensive energy savings programs. State and federal officials have recognized the achievement of the six schools in the district. Five of the schools now qualify for Energy Star status, they announced in Tuesday’s School Board meeting.

The results of the energy conservation program did not only show after eight years but practically immediately. According to Chuck Zappala, facility director, less than 5 percent of all American public schools have earned Energy Star awards. The district shared two years’ worth of data with other districts to portray their energy usage and make an in-depth analysis for each facility. According to Zappala it showed the successful management of his district. “The results showed that the average cost of energy use per square foot and per student in the Londonderry Schools was almost 40 percent lower than the state average,” he said. “Based on the information provided in the survey, we were invited to continue the process to earn the awards.”

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Schools in District 86 receive Energy Star Label

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central High Schools in District 86 with Energy Star Labels for 2010. These two schools are the only ones of 48 primary and secondary schools in Illinois to receive the Energy Star Label. The award is given to those buildings that are able to submit data showing they are energy-efficient practices with a rating of 75 or higher on the EPA’s scale of 1-100. This data can be gathered by keeping track of water, natural gas and electric usage through a third-part software system. The district has been working with national consulting firm Energy Education Inc. and is currently not able to portray clear figures on how much the District has saved since the beginning of the relationship.

Hinsdale Central scored 96 and Hinsdale South 94, which marks them more energy efficient than 96 and 94 percent of similar buildings nationwide. One of the main ways to cut down their energy cost was to decrease the amount of power used when the buildings were unoccupied. Superintendant Nicholas Wahl said a few words about their strategy and procedures. “We make sure we’re not overheating areas and make sure we’re not cooling areas that are not occupied.”

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16 Marion schools honored

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Marion County schools were able to end the year on a high note. Sixteen schools in the county had all reasons to be proud because they received the Energy Star award.

The schools listed below qualified for the award: Barnes Center (ALC), Barrackville Elementary/Middle, Blackshere Elementary, East Fairmont Junior High, East Park Elementary, Fairmont Senior High, Fairview Elementary, Fairview Middle, Jayenne Elementary, Mannington Middle, Monongah Elementary, Monongah Middle, North Marion High, Pleasant Valley Elementary, Rivesville Elementary/Middle and White Hall Elementary.

Monday evening the awards were presented to the schools by Mike Stalnaker and Blaine Duggan from Energy Star. The ceremony took place at the Marion County Board of Education meeting.

According to Superintendent Thomas Deadrick, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency honor schools, which demonstrate their contribution to the environment through energy efficiency.

Even though this is a huge accomplishment, the board is unsure about participating in the Energy Education Inc. Program in 2011. Budget constraints may prohibit their participation for the following year, according to Deadrick. In order to be a part of the program the district has to pay fees.

“Every parent knows the Energy Star label, and now you’re going to have it in a permanent place in your school,” Duggan said.

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CUSD sets green standard with ambitious energy program

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Carlsbad Unified School District’s energy conservation program has achieved a 20-percent decrease and saved $528,046 in electricity, gas and water usage over 18 months since its inception in March 2009. Through these achievements, CUSD has become one of only 60 districts in California to qualify as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star® Partner. Energy usage has plummeted at all CUSD sites, resulting in a reduction of 9,408 MMBTU; this is the equivalent of 142 passenger cars not being driven for one year or 20,205 tree seedlings growing for ten years. District Superintendent John A. Roach, Ed.D., notes, “Amid these difficult economic times, the monetary savings is crucial; funds can be redirected from utilities to education. In terms of conservation, our unified, District-wide approach aids in preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy.” Continue reading “CUSD sets green standard with ambitious energy program” »

CARLSBAD: Energy program helps schools save money

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Over the last 18 months, Carlsbad Unified School District has saved more than $500,000 on its gas, electricity and water bills as part of its burgeoning energy-saving program. The district can use some of the savings to pay for educational expenses, Superintendent John Roach said. “Amid these difficult economic times, the monetary savings is crucial,” he said in a prepared statement. In 2008, the district signed a four-year contract with Energy Education Inc. to cut energy costs by training employees and making other institutional changes. Continue reading “CARLSBAD: Energy program helps schools save money” »

Lakewood Church Wins 2010 Energy Star Congregation Award

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The cliché is that everything’s bigger in Texas. So it is fitting that the nation’s largest regularly used worship center, Lakewood Church , would be located in Houston. The church is housed in the former Compaq Center, an arena that was once home to the Houston Rockets professional basketball team. Repurposing such a major facility into a worship center that seats 16,000, saving it from possible demolition and not building a completely new complex, create an additional recycling and green success story, aside from the energy-efficiency program now underway.

Pastor Joel Osteen addresses an average of more than 38,000 attendees during the three services he hosts Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. Associate pastors host another four services in the main sanctuary each week, two on Sunday (one in Spanish), plus one each Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Pastor Joel’s messages are broadcast into every television market in the United States and viewed in almost 100 nations around the world.

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Warren Twp. schools’ efforts to save energy generate environmental award

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WARREN TWP. — The educational quality of the township’s K-8 school system has never been in doubt. But the fact that the district is also a leader in environmental stewardship practices and is helping us breathe better along the way, may come as a surprise.

Through a partnership with a company called Energy Education, Warren schools over the past 26 months have prevented 718 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into our atmosphere — that’s the equivalent of 129 automobiles being removed from the road or 18,369 pine trees being grown for 10 years.

Because of the impressive results, the district and Superintendent of Schools Tami Crader received the Award for Energy Stewardship from Energy Education at its Sept. 27 board meeting.

“Warren Township Schools Superintendent Crader, the board members and administration are demonstrating wise fiscal and environmental stewardship by implementing this unique people-oriented energy conservation program,” said Dr. William S. Spears, CEO and founder of Energy Education.

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Somerset County MD: ENERGY STAR recognition coverage

WESTOVER — The Somerset County Public School District announced the federal government’s Energy Star program has bestowed the prestigious Energy Star Label on several of their school buildings. To be recognized with this label, school buildings must rate in the top 25 percent nationwide for energy efficiency.

Somerset schools earning the award included Crisfield and Washington High Schools, Somerset Intermediate School, and Greenwood, Deal Island and Woodson Elementary Schools.

According to Superintendent Karen-Lee Brofee, the district’s energy conservation efforts are saving taxpayer dollars while also helping protect the local environment. Since the district began partnering with Energy Education on a serious energy conservation program, it has saved over $600,000 in cost avoidance on the usage side.

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Energy Education Star Award



Energy Star Award 2009

Energy Star Award 2009

Department Honors Local Company

Wichita Falls Times Record News


Energy Education, a company that got its start in Wichita Falls, was recently presented with the Energy Star partner of the year award by the United States Department of Energy.

The company was founded by Bill Spears, a former WFISD school board member who first became interested in energy efficiency in the 1980s.

“He has been in business in Wichita Falls for a number of years. Dr. Spears had always had an interest in energy efficiency,” said Jan Noel-Smith, director of Public Relations of Energy Education in Wichita Falls.

Through his years on the school board, Spears helped design a utility-savings program that helped the district decrease utility costs without sacrificing classroom comfort and without buying more expensive utility equipment, Noel-Smith said.

Today, Energy Education has offices in Dallas and Wichita Falls and serves school districts, religious organizations and others nationwide.

The Energy Star Partner of the Year award recognizes organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Energy Education trains their clients to implement changes in their organization that substantially reduce energy consumption without the purchase of new equipment. The program is solely funded by the savings it generates.

In 2008, 84 percent of the public education school buildings that achieved Energy Star labels across the United States were Energy Education clients, said Noel-Smith.

“This recognition is shared with our clients, who learned from us and took the training on and encouraged their people to follow the program,” Noel-Smith said.