Energy Education Star Award –

Turlock School District receives Energy Star after help from Energy Education Inc.

The Turlock School District had a cost avoidance of $811,716 from April 2009 till November 2010 after it began partnering with energy consulting firm Energy Education Inc. The district helped the environment on top of decreasing its energy costs in difficult budget times. As a consequence for this achievement, and by being in the top 25 percent nationwide for energy efficiency, fourteen of its schools were awarded with the “Energy Star” label by the federal government. Sonny H. Da Marto, superintendent, expressed his satisfaction with the district’s accomplishment and dedication to making a positive change. “We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition,” he said in a news release. Andy Walker, teacher at Pitman High School, agreed. “We have all gained a real sense of accomplishment from this Energy Star recognition,” he said. “Our students are learning, too, what it means to preserve precious natural resources.”

Energy Education Inc. showed them, which small and big changes could lead to strong and promising consequences. The efforts of many components, including administrations, teachers, and students is needed to make a difference. Walker underlined this point as he looks back on the drop to below 400,000 kilowatt-hours by December 2010. “Each of us can make a difference through energy conservation, because people use energy, school sites don’t,” he said. “There are dozens and dozens of changes, large and small, that we have implemented that are saving energy without affecting our comfort or educational goals.”

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