Energy Education Star Award –

Energy Education Inc.’s Successful Partnership with Londonderry Schools

Londonderry School District entered a partnership with Energy Education Inc. in the beginning of the year 2011 and has since recorded large energy savings leading them to winning the Lighthouse Award in 2008 in recognition of its conservation efforts. The Texas-based national organization, Energy Education, is dedicated to helping large organizations, including school districts, chart people-driven and comprehensive energy savings programs. State and federal officials have recognized the achievement of the six schools in the district. Five of the schools now qualify for Energy Star status, they announced in Tuesday’s School Board meeting.

The results of the energy conservation program did not only show after eight years but practically immediately. According to Chuck Zappala, facility director, less than 5 percent of all American public schools have earned Energy Star awards. The district shared two years’ worth of data with other districts to portray their energy usage and make an in-depth analysis for each facility. According to Zappala it showed the successful management of his district. “The results showed that the average cost of energy use per square foot and per student in the Londonderry Schools was almost 40 percent lower than the state average,” he said. “Based on the information provided in the survey, we were invited to continue the process to earn the awards.”

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